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If you are interested in becoming a client, email kelly(dot)ferebee(at)gmail(dot)com to schedule an appointment. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you may download the appropriate forms and bring the completed forms to your appointment. For a child, use the child data form, for an adult (18 years and over) use the adult data form. If there is more than one child in a family attending, a separate form for each child will need to be completed.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Once an appointment is scheduled, that time is reserved for you. Unless there is an unexpected illness or major family emergency, the regular fee will apply. If a 24 hour notice is received, then there will be no charge. If three sessions are missed in succession, even with 24 hours notice, then commitment to the therapeutic process will be re-evaluated during a consultation between therapist and client and therapy may be terminated.
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